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One of the most famous training devices utilized in Kung Fu is Wing Chun's Mook Yan Jong, or Wooden Dummy. Made famous by its usage as a training device by Bruce Lee and by its portrayal in Kung Fu movies by Jackie Chan. Real wooden dummy training, however, is rarely seen and even more rarely understood.

The wooden dummy is utilized as a perfect reference point around which to build perfect technique. Also, it is utilized to train the coordination of the entire body behind each movement, and in this respect it becomes a device that will impart an incredible amount of power to the practitioner.

Compared to the flashy, fast technique used on the wooden dummy in movies, real wooden dummy training is done comparatively slowly, so each movement is done correctly and with power. This method of training also conditions the mind for combat, making the practitioner able to concentrate properly and apply his power in the proper way.

Wooden dummy training is an opportunity to apply knowledge gained through the three hand forms in a changing, dynamic manner, and to practice through a controlled environment the ideas of Body Action, Reaction, which is the possible movement exhibited by the opponent when the Wing Chun practitioner's techniques are applied.

Real wooden dummy training is multi-faceted and deeply comprehensive. The wooden dummy should never be beat on, or the form rushed through. The entire training around this device should be thoughtful and examined thoroughly.

With the combined techniques learned in the three hand forms and their application practiced on the dummy, the student can practice his entire set of skills & principles with a practice partner in Chi Sao

Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)