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Wing Chun Kung Fu

This Martial Art is an ideal Self Defence system for all people, regardless of size, gender and age in a modern world.  It’s first levels and methods of practice, are about close combat, unarmed fighting and well known for its lightning fast attacks & short range power. Wing Chun is the style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee learned from Grandmaster Ip Man.

There are different levels and methods of training (known as Wing Chun Forms) attached to the learning of Wing Chun. They are:

Primary Level        Intermediate Level        Advanced Level

Once a new student has completed an Introduction Course and been accepted into the school, they can begin their training on the the Primary level, Siu Lim Tao. This is the foundation of Wing Chun. Siu Lim Tao teaches students to focus on centre line theories, build good structure for each technique, as well as to help develop the important sinking energy that roots both feet into the ground. If the student fully understands and is capable of performing each technique at this level, they will be promoted to the Intermediate level, Chum Kiu and then the Advanced level, Biu Gee and Wooden Dummy Mok Yan Jong.

Then are the weapons, the 6 ½ Point Pole Lok Dim Boon Kwan form and the Butterfly knives form Baat Jam Doe.

The Advance students will also experience the blind folded Chi Sao training, which teaches the student how to feel the movements of their opponent and react instinctively with lightning fast reflexes. The Mok Yan Jong, ( the Wooden Dummy) conditions students to actually hit a real target. The dummy training also improves forearm strength, angles of attack, and so much more. The pole form improves the strength of the wrists, thrusting power, and stances. The butterfly knives form improves the footwork speed, and striking power.

What is Wing Chun?