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Chum Kiu (Intermediate Level)

When the Wing Chun practitioner has progressed into the Intermediate phase of his training he is introduced to the second, hand form Chum Kiu, which translates as "Seeking the Bridge." Chum Kiu is known as the Skill of Wing Chun, as this phase of training takes the understanding and application of the principles learned in Siu Lim Tao and uses that knowledge to teach the student how to gain complete control of the fighting environment.

Chum Kiu training increases on the power developed in Siu Lim Tao. Therefore, the student who has not gained a sufficient understanding in Siu Lim Tao will be unable to train Chum Kiu. The form teaches the Wing Chun fighter how to control his opponent through the "bridge", which is defined as the physical contact of his arms and legs with his opponent. It is through this contact that the opponent is dominated, because the Chum Kiu practitioner has trained his sensory abilities through Chi Sao and Gong Lik. This sensory ability allows the practitioner to read his opponent's movements and intentions through simple physical contact, and can respond instantly with appropriate deflections, traps, and devastating counter-attacks.

When the principles of Chum Kiu can be applied intrinsically, the student can progress to the Advanced Level - Biu Gee