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Home How to Prepare (for your first visit)

Unlike some martial arts, Kung Fu is traditionally performed wearing shoes. Thin soled
trainers are ideal or plimsoles.

Traditionally , Kung Fu practitioners wore cotton trousers that are tied at the waist and the ankles.
Tracksuit & Jogging bottoms are ideal for this purpose today.

When the weather is warm a plain T-shirt is worn. When it’s cold a sweatshirt.
After the Introduction course, new members wear the club T-shirt with school logo.

Optional Uniform
An optional uniform is available from your Instructor

Arrive on time
Arriving late disrupts the class and is disrespectful to your instructor and fellow classmates.

Your Kung Fu Instructor has spent many years, putting in time and effort to learn Kung Fu. Be aware that this art has been passed down an auspicious lineage from the Shaolin Temple to your teacher.
Show your appreciation to your teacher and be respectful at all times.

How to behave with your teacher
When your teacher gives you a personal instruction or piece of advice, thank him and salute.
Do not ask your teacher to teach you something in advance of your own level. Remember your teacher has years of experience and will know when the time is right for you, Be Patient.