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Home Bully Buster SystemTM By Dr Terrence Webster-Doyle

Bullying is the number-one social issue in schools today! Violence is epidemic! The media is teaching our children that violence is the justifiable and even honourable solution to the problems of relationships.

Schools and Parents are often in conflict when it comes to Bullying, so young people are confused and left alone to resolve conflicts how they see fit.

We don’t have to accept bullying

But we don’t have to accept this, we can teach our children to understand and resolve conflicts non-violently through a special Programme that combines the disciplines of education, psychology and the seemingly

contradictory practice of the martial arts.

A new and innovative Programme

Most attempts at conflict resolution focus

primarily on resolving conflict after it begins. A new and innovative Programme has been developed by Dr Terrence Webster-Doyle and is being taught to martial art students at the Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Romford, Essex. The Academy’s “Bully Buster” Programme teaches young people the total set of skills they need to feel confident to resolve conflict before it begins. It combines physical self-defence skills (which give the young person confidence), with mental self-defence skills (which give the young person the ability to resolve a potential threat peacefully).

Character Building

Along with character building, this Programme focuses on understanding the primary factors that create conflicts in relationships. It also addresses the secondary causes and teaches young people “12 ways to walk away with confidence.” This Programme is being used in schools and martial arts studios internationally. It is a non judgemental, approach to understanding and peacefully resolving the challenges of human relationships.

Unique Programme

With this unique Programme, we as martial arts instructors, are working together with schools, with parents and with other concerned citizens in Essex, to develop a team approach to support young people’s efforts to cope successfully and humanely with the violence they face daily.
This is what we are doing to address the issue of bullying in the lives of children.