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Home Ip Man Portrait Of A Kung Fu Master By Grandmaster Ip Ching & Master Ron Heimberger
  1. Turmoil
  2. The refiner’s fire
  3. The challenge
  4. Perfect virtue
  5. The unwelcome necessity
  6. Honourable character
  7. What’s in a name
  8. Finding the soul
  9. Three dimensional teaching
  10. Teacher and friend
  11. The art of non competition
  12. Natural understanding
  13. The right measure
  14. The steadfast master
  15. Ip Man’s gift to the world

From stories shared by his son, this book paints a portrait of the famous Wing Chun Grand Master, Ip Man, providing a set of fifteen principles as a guide to mastery. While there are broad lessons to be learned from this portrait, the details must be savoured. Many of the great figures of history are shrouded in the mists of aggrandizement, but here the details, the fine strokes of the portrait, have reminded to show the humble seeker something about the life of a Master.

Each chapter provides a principle or set of principles to contemplate. You will be richly rewarded if you seek to discern the principles and the man who strove to embody them.

These stories and the principles drawn from them are commended to you for your benefit and learning enjoyment. Let them guide you in your journey, but do not look for them to tell you every step. In this portrait are great treasures for the taking - but not simply for the asking.

Portrait of a kung fu master cover