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Home Mook Yan Jong Sum Fat By Grandmaster Ip Ching with Master Ron Heimberger, Eric Lee & Garner Train

SUM FAT is skill and experience eternally bound up in the soul of a person. Consider it the life blood of a man. It is who he or she is in the marrow of their bones. Grandmaster Ip Man, we must bear in mind, was a physical man; but the blood within him, through his life training, morphed into a sort of fire. Simply put, Grandmaster Ip Man, became the brilliant insightful Soul of Wing Chun.

During his life, Grandmaster Ip Man taught many students the principles and techniques that they needed to know to claim knowledge of the art of Wing Chun. But some students, even though they had learned all the techniques of Wing Chun, still remained with the Grandmaster; why? - Because of his Sum Fat.

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