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Home The Culture of Our School

This exists so that everyone in the school; volunteer staff, students and parents alike, know exactly what is expected of them and what they should expect of others

Culture for all

 Instructors, students and parents of students in our school are positive, enthusiastic, caring individuals that combine to make our school a centre for enjoyment and development in our community.

All those interacting within the school are expected to be positive, enthusiastic and

 conscious of their role in helping to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, engendering a ‘can do’ spirit in all.

 Instructors and staff should be treated with respect by all, at all times, as they are there to help.

Students & Parents

  The students and parents that come into our school do not gossip about other students, parents or instructors at any time.

 The, students and parents  that come into our school do not carry bad feeling towards others within the school.


Equipment used and worn in the school will be subject to inspection and approval by the instructor before use.

 All Instructors and students alike adhere to dress codes within the school.

Personal hygiene

 Cleanliness is a pre requisite for training in our school. Personal hygiene standards are expected to be high and uniforms are also expected to be clean at the beginning of all classes.