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Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Jo Fen (Ancestral Rules) By Grandmaster Ip Ching & Master Ron Heimberger

Sau Gei Leut Song Serung Moh Du
Sau (to guard), Gei (discipline), Leut (law), Song-Seurng (worshiping), Moh (martial), Duk (morality).
Discipline yourself to the rules (law), and keep sacred the martial morality.

Ming Lie Yee Oi Gwok Juen Tsen
Ming (understand), Lie (propriety), Yee (righteousness), Oi (to love), Gwok (country or nation), Juen (to honor), Tsen (closely related people).
Understand propriety and righteousness, love your country and respect your parents.

Oi Tong Moon Tune Guit Lok Kuan
Oi (to love), Tong (together), Moon (door), Tune (group), Guit (knot), Lok (happy), Kuan (group).
Love your classmates; enjoy working together as a group.

Jie Sik Yuk Bo Sao Jing Sun
Jie (control), Sik (appearance), Yuk (desire), Bo (to protect), Sao (to guard), Jing (perfect), Sun (spirit).
Control your desire and stay healthy.

Kun Lin Tsap Gai But Lay Sun
Kun (work hard), Lin (practice), Tsap (practice or study), Gai (skill, But a negative prefix as in no or not or making something a negative), Lay (to go away from), Sun (body).
Work hard and keep practicing, so that the skills never leave your body.

Hok Yang Hay Gai Lam Dou Tsung
Hok (learn), Yang (nourish), Hay (vital energy), Gai (swear off), Lam (over use), Dou (incite), (Tsung) fight.
Learn how to keep the energy and quit inciting a fighting attitude.

Seong Chu Tsai Tai Doe Wan Man
Seong (always), Chu (to deal with), Tsai (life, or the world), Tai (attitude), Doe (degree), Wan (warm,) Man (culture).
Always deal with problems using a kind attitude that is calm and gentle.

Fu Yuk Siu Yeung Mo Fu Yan
Fu (to help), Yuk (weak or feeble), Siu (small), Yeung (to allow), Mo (martial), Fu (to assist or to help),Yan (humane or to love, it is the Yan from the big love, Dai Yan).
Help the elderly and the children and use the martial mind to achieve yan.

Gai Sin Souie Gun Chi Jo Fen
Gai (to follow), Sin (before, with Souie means Ancestor), Gun (serious or careful), Chi (to hold), Jo (also means Ancestor), Fen (rules).
Follow the rules laid out above, and follow the ancestors rules sincerely.